Writer and photographer
Helsinki, Finland

Hi. What’s up?

Are you looking for an experienced Finnish writer who is also a photographer?

Right now I am most probably either …

If you need help with texts and photos for publications or your company’s website, you can contact me after June 2023 by sending an email to:

I have published 11 non-fiction books. My 12th book project is a fantasy novel. I could call myself a fan of uplifting K-pop and K-dramas (scifi and fantasy) even though I have not visited South Korea – yet. I got hooked on the Asian culture and aesthetics when I spent a year in Tokyo as an exchangee.

I am a member of The Union of Journalists in Finland and follow their pricing recommendations which you can find here: Miten freelance-journalisti hinnoittelee työnsä?

Garden life, Maalla magazine
Rhubarb, RHS International Photography Competition
Product photography for Pidät. Silo bird feeder.
Product photography for Pidät. Door stop.
Smile. Sipe Santapukki, Meidän Talo magazine.
Tea people in Kyoto, Matka magazine.
Illustration for Kotiliesi magazine.
Illustration for Kotiliesi magazine.
Silence. Urasenke Center, Kyoto.
A zen monk and his cat, Osaka.
Once Upon A Time, Kamera magazine. Poster for my exhibition Now You See Me.
Random encounters. A mallard.
A barnacle goose.